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Shut Down Pakistan's Bahawalpur Zoo!

The Bahawalpur Zoo is a government-run zoo in Punjab, Pakistan. Recently, the zoo's funding was cut, and as a result, the standards of animal care have gone from bad to horrid. Many of the animals are locked up in small concrete enclosures that bear no similarity to the animals' natural habitats and contain no stimulation. Crocodiles are confined to filthy, algae-covered ponds, while lions are kept in nothing more than 4-meter-by-5-meter barren enclosures.

To add to the animals' misery, zoo personnel handle them roughly, showing no knowledge or skills in looking after them. Teasing and provoking the lions as a form of entertainment for zoo visitors is a daily routine.

PETA has received multiple complaints about the Bahawalpur Zoo from tourists and locals, and now you can help the animals who are living in misery there. Please contact the chief secretary of Punjab and ask him to shut down this barren and deprived zoo or to, at the very least, demand that the zoo stop breeding and taking in more animals.

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