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Urgent: Ask Indonesian Authorities to Call Off Fight Between Boar and Dog

PETA Asia has received many complaints from Indonesians who are outraged by a cruel fight that is scheduled to take place between a wild boar and a dog at Cikidang Hunting Resort in Indonesia.

In this sadistic and violent contest, a boar and dog will be forced to fight each other—possibly to the death—for "entertainment" and profit. Fights end when one of the animals is too injured or exhausted to continue.

Injuries inflicted and sustained by animals in this unnatural activity are frequently severe and deadly, such as deep puncture wounds and broken bones. Animals used in fights often do not receive immediate veterinary attention, despite fatal injuries. Many suffer and die after a fight from blood loss, shock, and dehydration.

Boars and dogs are inherently social pack animals who need and deserve love, attention, and exercise. They thrive in an environment that offers the companionship of their mates and human guardians. Boars and dogs who are used in fights are chained, taunted, and starved in order to trigger extreme survival instincts and aggressiveness.

Brutal and bloody events such as this are banned in many parts of the world, and the fact that they are permitted in Indonesia is a black mark on the country's reputation. Violence and illegal activities such as gambling often accompany animal fights. Forcing frightened animals to fight each other is not entertainment and cannot be justified by culture or tradition.

You can help! Please contact Indonesian officials and urge them to end this cruelty by banning animal fights in Indonesia!

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