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Take Action to Stop More Animals From Being Transported to the Kiev Zoo

The Kiev Zoo earned itself a reputation as one of the worst zoos in the world when it was expelled from the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria following the death of a female bear in 2007. Dinara, an elderly brown bear, had to be euthanized when, following a stressful and sudden move to a new enclosure with a new companion, she began to continually bang her head against the concrete walls of the enclosure, having gone insane from confinement. Unfortunately, this tragedy is not an isolated incident as countless animals have since perished while under the negligent care of the zoo, including 52 animals in 2008 alone.

In March 2010, a zebra named Theo died from injuries that he sustained after throwing himself into a metal fence at the zoo in a desperate attempt to join the female companions from whom he had been separated. Shortly after, an Indian elephant named Boy and a camel named Maya also died. According to one audit, these are just three of the 250 animals who have died at the zoo since October 2009.

Even with the widely publicized atrocities that the animals in the Kiev Zoo have had to endure and the numerous warning signs of the zoo's incompetence, the zoo still has plans to acquire new animals. Zoo officials are currently in talks with the governments of Laos and Sri Lanka to transfer two elephants from each country to the Kiev Zoo.

Please take a few minutes to write or call Sri Lankan and Laos officials and urge them to rethink condemning more animals to a lifetime of unnecessary neglect and horrendous mistreatment and a painful, premature death. Even a message that's just a few lines long could make a world of difference for these animals.

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