Urge Dog Shelter to Improve Conditions

Tony's Shelter in Pattaya, Thailand, confines hundreds of dogs to severely crowded pens. The dogs are not separated by age, gender, or health, leading to problems such as food competition and injuries from fighting. During routine visits to the shelter, PETA Asia inspectors documented that sick and injured animals were not given veterinary care.

Investigations revealed that many dogs at the facility suffered from severe mange and that others were extremely emaciated. Several dogs had large open wounds, and one dog suffered from what appeared to be a prolapsed uterus. Investigators also witnessed dogs being castrated with elastic bands. Even though Tony's Shelter claims to be in desperate need of supplies, medicine that PETA took to the shelter to help alleviate the suffering of animals who were infected with mange was never used.

Confining animals to an environment that can't meet their physical and psychological needs and providing them with limited exercise and care can lead to kennel stress, a condition in which the physical and mental frustrations of confinement lead to abnormal, neurotic, and even self-destructive behavior. Kennel stress is common among animals in shelters, and the condition is an even bigger issue at Tony's Shelter because of the sheer number of animals who are kept there.

Wealthy businessperson Surapol "Tony" Sanguancharti-Sorakrai—who owns Tony's Shelter as well as Tony's Disco, Tony's Gym, Tony's Entertainment Complex, and other businesses—has been unresponsive to PETA Asia's requests for changes and offers of help. Please use the form below to ask the shelter to immediately improve conditions for the animals who live at the facility. Tony's Buddhist beliefs are no excuse for allowing animals to continue to suffer and for not providing adequate care to animals.  

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