Urge Egypt to Stop Cruel Cull of Dogs!

Authorities in many Egyptian cities use inhumane and violent methods of killing—including shooting and poisoning—to address the overpopulation of stray dogs. Please join PETA Asia in asking officials to take immediate steps to stop these cruel and dangerous killings.

Gunshots rarely result in instantaneous death. The animals inevitably move and struggle, and in conjunction with the possibility of a poor shot from the shooter, many animals are injured rather than killed by the initial gunshot and suffer tremendously before dying. For example, dogs who turn their heads at the last minute could be shot in the nose, mouth, or eye.

Poisoning is among the cruelest methods of killing. Poisoning with strychnine results in severe pain and discomfort before death. Dogs who are poisoned suffer increased reflex excitability in the spinal cord that results in a loss of normal motor-cell function—all their muscles will contract simultaneously. Convulsions and hyper-reactivity to stimuli are characteristic of strychnine poisoning, and dogs will be conscious and suffer intense pain for several hours before death. Furthermore, strychnine also kills countless secondary species—including insects, birds, fish, and mammals other than dogs—if they unintentionally ingest the poison itself or if they are exposed to the carcasses of dead dogs.

Animal-population experts agree that mandatory sterilization laws for all owned animals coupled with full-service animal-sheltering programs are the most effective ways to reduce stray animal populations. Please join PETA in urging Dr. Abd. Elazeem Morsy Wazir, governor of Cairo; Sayed Abd. El-Aziz El-Sayed Shehata, governor of Giza; and Amin Ahmed Mohamed Othman Abaza, Egypt's minister of agriculture, to immediately halt plans to shoot and poison animals. Ask them to work with PETA and local organizations on developing an effective and humane program for addressing the stray dog and cat problem in their cities.
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