Urge Australian Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce to End Live Export 

Over the last 30 years, Australia has exported more than 200 million living animals to Middle Eastern countries that have virtually no laws in place to protect them. During the grueling trip across the Indian Ocean, more than 2.5 million of these animals have been trampled to death or have died from dehydration, starvation, or disease. PETA Australia has protested live export both in Australia and the Middle East and has also met with local activists to educate them about the cruel journey—but PETA Asia is stepping up our efforts as well, and we need your help.

Australian live export has been exposed numerous times for the cruelty inflicted upon animals once they arrive at their destination. Investigators have observed that sheep were dragged by their legs despite posted signs instructing handlers not to do so. Sheep also had their throats cut—while still conscious—with blunt or inappropriate knives by inexperienced workers.

A shipment of sheep to Bahrain was once refused port because of an outbreak of infectious scabby mouth disease, leaving more than 20,000 sheep stuck at sea for more than 40 days. When the sheep were finally allowed to dock in Pakistan, they were culled, despite protests from the Australian government. This goes to show just how unprotected these animals are once they leave Australia.

Not only is live export bad for animals, it's also bad for the environment. The live-export trade is one of the top 40 CO2 emitters in Australia. From the moment animals leave their farm of origin, the journey to the place where they're slaughtered takes a heavy toll on the environment. Cattle and sheep may be transported thousands of kilometers by truck, while the empty ships journeying back to Australia to collect their next load account for further emissions.

There is simply no humane way to transport tens of thousands of animals in the searing heat on journeys lasting several weeks.

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