Tell Revlon to Come Clean About Animal Testing in China!

For more than two decades, Revlon has been among the largest mainstream international companies on PETA U.S.' list of cruelty-free companies. As a result, Revlon has enjoyed the support of PETA and millions of consumers who choose to buy cosmetics from companies that don't test on animals.

However, when PETA U.S. learned that the Chinese government requires tests on animals before many cosmetics products can be marketed in China, the group immediately contacted Revlon, which markets in China, to make sure that the company was still adhering to its companywide ban on animal testing. Questions about how the Chinese government's animal testing requirements have affected the company's animal testing policy have been repeatedly ignored. We need your help to ask Revlon to tell the public whether or not its products have been or are being tested on animals in China or if the company is still committed to producing and selling cruelty-free products!

Please take a moment to let Revlon know that you will not buy its products until the company confirms that it is not paying for any tests on animals, anywhere in the world!

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