Taj and Oberoi Hotels: Please Ditch Foie Gras

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PETA has learned that Taj and Oberoi, two premier five-star hotel chains in India, are continuing to serve foie gras in their hotel restaurants—even after PETA India informed the hotel chains of the cruelty behind this so-called "delicacy."

Foie gras, French for "fatty liver," is made from the enlarged livers of male ducks and geese. Birds used for foie gras are kept in tiny wire cages or packed into sheds. Two or three times every day, up to 2 kilograms of grain and fat are pumped into the birds' stomachs through pipes that are shoved down their throats. This force-feeding process causes the birds' livers to become diseased and swell to up to 10 times their normal size. Many birds become too sick to stand. The pipes sometimes puncture birds' throats, and the massive amount of food sometimes ruptures their stomachs and other internal organs.

Foie gras production is so cruel that it has been banned in 16 countries. In India, establishments such as the Four Seasons Kolkata, The Park Kolkata, and Mumbai's Joss restaurant have given assurances that they have stopped serving this "delicacy of despair."

Please ask Taj and Oberoi to follow suit and immediately implement a policy against serving foie gras at all their hotels.

You Can Help
Please ask Taj and Oberoi to stop serving foie gras in their restaurants immediately.

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