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India: Enforce the Ban on the Cruel 'Sport' of Jallikattu

India's Ministry of Environment and Forests has said via a notification in The Gazette of India that bulls can no longer be used as performing animals. This decision means an end to the cruel "sport" of jallikattu, in which terrified bulls are kicked, punched, jumped on, dragged to the ground, and otherwise tormented. Despite this notification, however, the Tamil Nadu state government has shockingly permitted jallikattu events to be held in the city of Madurai.

Recent investigations at five jallikattu events documented that bulls were tied so tightly it caused them severe discomfort and pain, were hit with fists, had their tails twisted and pulled, were jumped on, and were wrestled to the ground. Not only is jallikattu cruel to animals, it also poses a threat to public safety. In one four-day period in January 2011, 215 people sustained injuries during jallikattu events. Of these, 154 were spectators. Two people died.

The ministry should be applauded for implementing the ban. Now, it is time for the ministry to make sure that the ban is adhered to completely and immediately.

You Can Help
Please help us by writing to the Ministry of Tourism. Thank officials for banning the use of bulls as performing animals and ask them to enforce the ban in Tamil Nadu.

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