Shelter Skelter: Shocking Conditions Revealed at Thailand Dog Shelter

Tony's Shelter in Pattaya, Thailand, has been under fire for years from PETA and compassionate people all around the world for keeping animals in filthy conditions and not providing them with even basic veterinary care. Unfortunately, even with routine inspections by PETA over the last several years and our continued efforts to work with the animal shelter's owner—a wealthy local businessperson—and government officials, conditions at the shelter have actually worsened.

PETA inspections and complaints from shelter visitors have revealed emaciated dogs suffering from severe mange and confined to mud-filled pens littered with piles of excrement and rotten food. Frequent rain makes the pens impossible to clean. The following are just a few examples of the routine lack of care that occurs every day at Tony's Shelter:

  • A dog who had at least two broken bones protruding through the skin on his legs, leaving him unable to walk, was left to die on a concrete-floored pen with several other dogs. A kind-hearted visitor to the shelter tried to take the dog to a local veterinarian, but the dog died before he could be moved from the shelter.

  • A sick-looking newborn puppy lay on the floor of a filthy, mud-soaked pen crowded with adult dogs and was not moved until PETA's inspector demanded that the puppy and her mother be transferred to a clean cage and separated from other adult dogs immediately.

  • A dog with a gaping wound on his shoulder was confined to a cage with several other dogs and was apparently given no treatment for his injuries.

  • A dog who had a fresh surgical scar on her side was being kept in a mud-floored enclosure with five to six other dogs, greatly increasing her risk of infection.

Visitors to the shelter have made frequent complaints, with reports of puppies being eaten by starving adult dogs because the puppies and their mothers are not separated from other dogs, dogs being castrated with elastic bands, and dogs being left to suffer from untreated conditions such as prolapsed uteruses and maggot-infested wounds.

Confining animals to an environment that can't meet their physical and psychological needs and denying them exercise and veterinary care can lead to kennel stress, a condition in which the physical and mental frustrations of confinement lead to abnormal, neurotic, and even self-destructive behavior. Kennel stress is common among animals in shelters, and the condition is an even bigger issue at Tony's Shelter because of the sheer number of animals who are kept there. The only kind solution is a euthanasia policy that prevents dogs who have been at the shelter for a given period of time from suffering.

Please help PETA keep the pressure on Tony's Shelter to improve conditions immediately or close the shelter altogether by writing to your local Thai embassy and asking the ambassador to immediately intervene in behalf of the animals at Tony's.


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