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Ask Philippines Resort to Relinquish Chained Monkey Now!

Located a few hours outside Manila, Mount Pinatubo volcano is a major attraction visited by thousands of tourists annually. The volcano is well-known for the 1991 eruption that killed hundreds. Currently, there is something sinister going on in this area. At the base of the mountain lies the Pinatubo Spa Town resort. Here, a helpless rhesus macaque monkey named Frieda is chained to a pole between two trees without constant access to water and food or adequate protection from the elements. Light foliage is the only separation between her and the extreme weather conditions common to the Philippines.

The chain wrapped around her small waist ensures that this monkey is unable to enjoy basic necessities, including freedom and the ability to display natural behaviors. Rhesus macaque monkeys are extremely social, and by holding Frieda captive, Pinatubo Spa Town resort is condemning her to a life of loneliness.

Please urge your local travel agency never to book clients at the Pinatubo Spa Town resort. Also, please ask the resort to allow this monkey to live the rest of her life in a monkey sanctuary or a facility that is better able to care for her.

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