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Stop France's Plans to Honor Bullfighting!

Despite worldwide condemnation of the killing of bulls for "entertainment," France's minister of culture has declared bullfighting to be one of the country's cultural treasures. This opens the door for the torturous, deadly pastime to be considered for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's World Heritage List. Making the prestigious list is a source of pride.

Each year, 250,000 bulls are tortured to death in arenas worldwide. They are often weakened by beatings with sandbags, debilitated with laxatives, drugged, have their horns shaved to impair their sense of navigation, and have petroleum jelly rubbed into their eyes to impair their ability to judge distance. Men on horses run the bulls in circles while repeatedly piercing them with knives (called banderillas) until they are dizzy, weak from blood loss, and suffering agonizing pain. The horses, who are blindfolded, can also suffer serious injuries when they can't avoid a charging bull. Matadors then arrive to finish off the debilitated animals, who are often still conscious as their ears and tails are cut off as "trophies" while they are dragged from the arenas.

Please join us in urging France's prime minister and minister of culture to withdraw bullfighting from consideration as a cultural heritage.

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