Australia: Ban Cruel Jumps Racing Now!

Update: A horse collapsed and died in front of racegoers on Cox Plate day, 2015. This horse was only five years old. Please use the form below to help place a ban on jumps racing immediately.

Horses weigh at least 500 kg, they have legs that are supported by ankles the size of a human's, and they're forced to run around dirt tracks at speeds of nearly 50 kilometers per hour and to jump over hurdles up to 1 meter high while carrying people on their backs. Racehorses are the victims of an industry that is rife with drug abuse, injuries, and deaths.

Every jumps racing season sees more horse deaths. Former Australian Jumps Racing Association President Rodney Rae has even admitted to the dangers associated with jumps racing, stating, "For as long as jumps racing has been around, there have been fatalities."

From 2011 to 2012, 17 horses died as a result of Australian jumps racing.

The "sport" of jumps racing is so cruel that it's already banned in New South Wales, and no other states continue to allow jumps racing events except Victoria and South Australia. Please take a few minutes to use the form below to urge Victorian Racing Minister Martin Pakula and South Australian Minister for Recreation and Sport Leon Bignell to ban jumps racing immediately. Even a message that's just a few lines long can make a world of a difference for animals.

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